Cindy Axne pretends to care about the environment and middle-class Iowans.


It's when you get below the surface you find the truth about Cindy Axne...

Cindy's Big Business Investments in Shady, Polluting Companies

Cindy Axne claims to care about the environment but her shady investments in toxic and polluting mining companies tell a different story.

Cindy Axne Claims She "Used Taxpayer Dollars Wisely...." But Cindy Gave Herself a 22% Taxpayer-Funded Raise in Just One Year Alone

While on the taxpayer's dime, Cindy gave herself a
22% pay raise in one year.

Cindy Wants To Raise Your Taxes By $2,903

Cindy Axne wants to vote with Nancy Pelosi to
ncrease taxes on middle-class Iowans by $2,903.
She thinks you can afford it.